our blends

We aim to delight your senses with our range of aromatic and carefully blended teas. Each blend is created from organic leaves and spices. 

Our canisters are hand-packed and labelled just for you. Serve our teas freshly brewed to enjoy the full flavour and aroma.

wobiri social

Sometimes it's just about the gathering! Finding the time to relax on the beach with friends, sharing good times and enjoying the simple things in life. Perfection.

yardie breeze

Just like a cooling afternoon breeze, this naturally swe​et tea mak​es the perfect treat. Inspired by picnics and lo​ng wal​ks and filled with apple, vanilla and spice. Perfect over ice with fresh mint and a slice of crisp green apple. 

mauritius  indulgence

With a little bit of chocolate your favourite beach, oops I mean tea, becomes a little bit naughty. Rose and hibiscus com​bine with cinnamon, chocolate flavour and black tea for a full-bodied experience.

turquoise drift

Drifting in the calm waters of a bay is enough to relax ones mind, body and soul. recreate memories with this fusion of lavender, juniper berry and hibiscus, perfectly blended to create tranquility.

cape sunrise

Just like the sun as it rises, this blend is full of energy and excitement for the new day. take time to enjoy the aroma and the hint of orange as the flavours mingle like the sunbeams on the horizon.

soothing sunsets

There is nothing more nurturing then watching the sunset across the water. Vibrant orange tones fill the sky, warming your heart ad soul with memories and a little me time.


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